Friday, 8 October 2010

A very large THANK YOU!

I received news late last night that the charity Living By Giving has agreed to award ASF a grant of £300 on my behalf. Living By Giving, previously known as the Glanfield Hospitalite Trust;

"was set up in 2010, to support and advance the standard of life for all people in need throughout the UK including; those who live in poverty, those with disabilities, those who are physically or emotionally deprived, those who have been neglected, and their families."

They also attempt to support young people in projects such as the one I am currently involved with in Dachau, so as to allow them to reach their full potential. I am humbled by the fact they felt my work in Dachau was worthy of such a grant, and on behalf of ASF I would like to thank Living By Giving for their generosity.


  1. Well done, Roy:

  2. That's a ridiculously old photo, but thanks anyway!

  3. I didn't say it wasn't good, just a little..inaccurate proportionally speaking!