Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Other ASF Blogs, and your help

Today we had Internet installed in the flat, which means (and take this as you will) there will hopefully be more frequent posting here. A quick question; do people mind me posting on other stuff that happens? I'm keen for this not to become too morose, as despite the work I do I am having lots of fun discovering new places and growing in a new language. This inevitably means lots of socialising and discovering lots of delightful German 80s music. I would like to post on them, but if people feel that would be too irreverent, that's fine. It's your blog.

For example, I have been reading the fantastic blogs of other volunteers and they deal a lot with their social lives as well as the overbearing nature of the work.

If you speak German/ have the Google Chrome translate tool, you may like to check out a couple of other Aktion Suehnezeichen blogs. Abenteuerwelten (lit. Worlds of Adventure) is written by Anne Rumpf, a German volunteer working with the central office in Berlin. Her posts show a different side to our work!

Also, for another experience of Berlin from the perspective of an underpaid, lovely ASF volunteer (in English) you can read the musings of Linn Husby at Linn's lille verden, where she even takes you through the step by step process of buying bubblegum from one of those vending machines you still get sometimes in big cities. Now that's service...

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  1. Postings on 80s German music? Oh dear!

    That aside, I'd be delighted to read about your general escapades, as well as your work.

    Keep up the good blogging!