Monday, 27 September 2010


I had my first KZ dream last night. This is a phenomenon made known to me by the experiences of previous volunteers, that as one works with the memories of pain and suffering for long enough they begin to pervade the subconsciousness to such an extent that you cannot stop thinking about them. It wasn't a Dachau specific dream; I just had the clear feeling when I woke up that I had been interred somewhere, was in captivity and was slowly being starved/beaten to death.

Pleasant, eh!. I know it's a perfectly normal part of the process of working with the KZ but it's still a little disconcerting to know that there will be psychological effects.

In lighter news, I've finally signed up to a language course in Munich Volkshochschule, the community college. I'm seriously considering a dance course, just for the thrill of trying something different, and it's a decision between 'contemporary dance' and Ballet for beginners. Something tells me my physique isn't really up to Ballet, but I will definitely give the contemporary dance class a go. There's even a weekend workshop in a couple of months time that teaches you the Michael Jackson Thriller dance. I. Am. So. There!.

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