Thursday, 23 September 2010

The obligatory 'OKTOBERFEST!' post

Well it had to happen eventually. On Tuesday, the Rev. Bjoern Mensing and his lovely children took Irina and I to Oktoberfest, basking in unseasonally good weather. As we got off the S Bahn, it was clear that to get there you simply follow the long line of 'Tract'-clad Bavarians off for a great time. Seriously, I felt really quite underdressed!

I had always imagined Oktoberfest, or the Wiesn, to be a few huge Beer tents full of old men with impressive moustaches and a girth to match. Even though I have experienced an Oktoberfest before, it was on a smaller, provincial scale and had fewer people in traditional dress. All I can say is, it is huge. Absolutely huge. Like one of those carnivals that comes to your town's one green area every bank holiday, times twenty.

As it is the 200th anniversary of the first Oktoberfest, which was to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I and Theresa of Bavaria, there is a special historic section this year with traditional dances, costumes, fairground rides and even a mock-horse race!

Photos to follow!

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